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Top Tips to Choose the Best Sofa for Your Living Room

It seems like there are endless choices of sofas out there, but you can’t quite find the one you love. With a wide range of styles, colours, materials, and shapes, it’s always best to carefully consider which you like best to avoid buyer’s remorse down the line.

What better way to make sure you don’t regret your sofa choice than to have a custom sofa made just for you? There are a few things you should keep in mind to help you decide exactly what kind of sofa you want, and it’s quite easy to combine all your favourites in one.

With made-to-measure furniture, you don’t have to worry about whether your living room will have the right size of sofas for your comfort and your loved ones.


Think About the Size

A Harrison Sofa | Bespoke Sofas

Having a bigger living room can be amazing; you have space for all your bookshelves, a place for your children’s toys, and a corner for your pet’s scratching post. It can, however, make choosing your sofa seem daunting. Are you planning on having chairs or other couches in your living room? What about a coffee table? A big sofa such as The Harrison will fit in nicely to scale with the other furniture in your living room.

If your living room is small, your sofa of choice should have good proportions. With a small space, any couch you decide on will become the focus of the room, so it’s important that you take both comfort and a strong design choice into consideration.


Consider the Shape of the Sofa

Depending on the measurements of your space, there are a few sofa shapes that can complement your home perfectly:

Rounder and standard sofas take more space, but they’re ideal if your living room is on the smaller side. The seating becomes as a focal point, in which you can really play around with fabrics and patterns for a stunning result. Your media room will only benefit from this type of sofa, as you will feel cosy and calm.

Our suggestion: The George

 A George Sofa | Bespoke Sofas

L-shape sofas or corner sofas help to accommodate other furniture in your space quite easily. Add a coffee table to place the books you’re reading and all the Netflix-binging snacks! If you have an open area that needs to be divided, like your living room and your dining room, these sofas add more flexibility to your interior design. You don’t have to feel jam-packed as you enjoy the latest shows or video games.

Our suggestion: The Elizabeth Corner

 An Elizabeth Corner Sofa | Bespoke Sofas

U-shaped sofas give you all the benefits and characteristics you love in L-shaped sofas, but in double! You’ll have twice the space to stretch out and relax, with its shape ideal for comfortable conversations with friends and family. These sofas are perfect for bigger rooms, where there is plenty of space to enjoy.

Our suggestion: The Empire Corner

 An Empire Corner Sofa | Bespoke Sofas


Go for High-Quality Materials

High-quality materials from frame to fabric are essential for any sofa – something we’re quite well-versed on here! Consider your sofa use; do you have children? Maybe your pets have been known to snooze on your sofas? You’ll spend many hours relaxing on the sofa, so it’s vital that you keep in mind a sturdy material that is easy to maintain and adapts to your daily life.

Make sure to get comfy cushions, too! Sofas with structured shapes look perfect with a soft throw over the arm, but cushions with creative patterns add a fun touch for extra cosiness.


Choose a Colour You Love

A Haighton Sofa | Bespoke Sofas

Depending on whether you’re adding a sofa to a blank room or an already furnished one, having a neutral coloured sofa or a brightly coloured one will change the feel of the space. Neutral colours are typically more popular because they complement the existing décor, but a rich colour can truly make your sofa a central piece.

Here are a few main sofa colours to keep in mind when choosing a sofa:

  • A leather sofa provides versatility of colour, as you have more freedom with shades that could be more limiting in other fabrics. Leather is, after all, a timeless classic.
  • A neutral colour such as white, cream, grey, or similar shades will go perfectly with any colour scheme in your living room.
  • Yellow sofas will fit in with colour schemes such as purple, blue, green, black, and white. They’re also considered a great neutral choice for the living room.
  • Blue sofas are another versatile colour, with the lighter shades acting as a neutral piece with darker decorations and darker colours making the sofa a statement piece.
  • If it’s a bold colour you want, then a red sofa will do the trick. Both easily incorporated into contemporary styles and more traditional ones, it’s ideal against blue, white, or neutral colours.


Whatever design, shape, or size you have any mind, our bespoke sofas are sure to match your space and your interior design. Make sure to get in touch with us on 01772 702855 to know more about how we can help you transform your life with the perfect sofa!