Our Patchworks

All our sofas are handmade, bespoke, unique to order just for you. From a vast range of styles, to your sizes and dimensions, and covered in 1000’s of fabrics and leathers.
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Available in a variety of finishes and fabrics

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Product Story

Can’t decide on the colour of your dreams? With an inspiring Patchwork sofa from James & Rose, you don’t have to.

Put your own stamp of personality on it with the James & Rose ‘Patchwork’ service. With more than 10 different colour combinations available to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

Whether you prefer the traditional tartan of ‘Country House’, the very on-trend silver and grey pairings of ‘Hi-Ho Silver’, or the pops and clashes of colour of ‘Technicolor Dreams’, you can find the perfect palette here. Can’t find the colour combination you desire most? We also offer a special ‘Go Your Own Way’ option that allows you to select from 81 different fabrics to compose a mix that’s a match made in heaven.

The vast majority of our sofas can be made in inspiring patchwork colours, just select the style and colourway you like and we will do the rest.


Crafted with pride

Handmade to your exact size from a vast range of styles a James and Rose sofa is made perfect for you. With unrivalled guarantees and our promise of total satisfaction, a James and Rose is a sofa for life. Traditional skills and the best upholstery components combine to create a stunning piece of workmanship which will last a lifetime.


The choice is yours

At James and Rose we literally have 1000's of different fabrics and leathers to choose from. The first step to your dream sofa, some samples in the post. You can look through and choose from the samples we send, and if they aren't quite right the first time we can always send a few more.


It’s all in the details

Even the smallest details of you sofa can be changed and adpated here at James and Rose. You can make them taller and deeper, change the feet, choose your stud colour and add many options. After all that's what makes the sofa yours....


Come and visit

The only place you'll find a James and Rose sofa is directly from ourselves. If you would like to come and visit us at James and Rose you would be more than welcome. You can have a look around our workshop and see some pieces in production, as well as have a sit on and try of a number of pieces in our lovely showroom.

How to order

At James & Rose, all of our sofas are bespoke. They are made to order and unique to you. This gives you full control and choice when it comes to your sofa. Size, style, colour, leather, fabric... Everything is all chosen by you.

Use our ‘Build Your Sofa’ option to get the basics in place to start creating your dream sofa. Choose your style and give us an idea of your sizes and we will get in touch.

You can also request FREE samples of any leathers or fabrics which we can send out to you to help narrow down the colour and style of your sofa.

Alternatively call us on 01772 702855 or email: enquiries@jamesandrose.co.uk to discuss your order.

By calling James & Rose you can speak direct to us, we don’t have call centres or customer service departments, you speak directly to the people making your sofa.