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Which Sofa Fabric is Best For…Families! Your Guide to Sofa Materials

Children are a gift; we love to watch them grow and learn and play about in our home. They can, however, accidentally damage furniture (like we’ve all probably done as children), which can be quite expensive – especially if it’s something like a sofa.

Considering your home’s individual décor, you might prefer a patchwork sofa over other fabrics, but it’s always good to keep in mind which type of couch would be best if you have a family or are planning on expanding yours.

handmade sofa will always fit your requirements to the smallest detail; our made to measure furniture is built with care, ensuring that your bespoke sofas are perfect wherever you want to place them in your home.

The Pain Points

Child and Dog Sleeping on Couch | Sofa Fabrics

Microfiber fabric is a great option if your children have allergies, due to both not attracting dust and being lint-free. If your house suffers from humidity problems, make sure to go for a fabric that is humidity-resistant.

Does your room get plenty of sunlight? Consider how the fabric and the colour will be affected under constant sunlight – a high-quality sofa can last a lifetime! And, of course, your expert fabric choices will help if you have pets.

Kid-Friendly Materials: Leather

The Zara Sofa | Sofa Fabrics

Always a classic choice, leather is a popular sofa material choice for rooms across the world. As a versatile material, you can transform your space with a more casual or elegant vibe. Cleaning up your children’s spilled juice has never been easier – or less stress-inducing!

You can easily repair any scuff marks to restore your sofa to its pristine condition, helping to make it last for years to come. Conditioning the leather with quick, annual treatments provides that fresh sofa feel that you love.

Kid-Friendly Materials: Fabric

The Elizabeth Sofa | Chesterfield Sofas

If you want durability but a material that could be under scratching danger from smaller children, then you can select one of thousands of fabrics we have. Fabric durability is high in woven patterns, for example, which withstand the test of time and the test of your children playing all over it.

The perfect choice will be a harmonious addition to any room, whether you’re looking for living room furniture or a bedroom piece. And always keep your interior décor in mind; choose a traditional fabric for a more classic decoration style or a unique fabric for a modern touch.

Kid-Friendly Colours: Darker Tones

The Victoria Sofa | Custom Made Chesterfield Sofa

While a fabric with a more muted colour or pattern can work better in smaller spaces, they’re in the “children danger zone”. Any spills or drawings (which are very possible, if we’re completely honest) will be immediately noticeable, particularly if they’re harder to clean.

Bolder colours work better in larger rooms, but they’re also a safer bet to make sure that any staining is less visible. You can also add a bold sofa choice to a small space as a focus piece.

Don’t hesitate to speak to our experts about your bespoke sofa choice; our friendly team is always available for a chat on 01772 702855.