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Which Sofa Fabric Is Best For… Dogs! Your Guide to Sofa Materials

Sofas are a staple in pretty much every home – whether you’re a single person living alone and love stretching out on the sofa after a long night of Netflix binging or a “crazy” cat or dog person who just can’t say no to letting you prize pets come for a snuggle on the sofa.

Ah, pets. We all love our own, and whether you like it or not, your pooch has probably climbed onto your sofa when you haven’t been looking.

But what If we told you that there’s a fabric for every eventuality, meaning sofa-related anxiety can be a thing of the past? What’s even better is that all James and Rose bespoke sofas can be created using a variety of different fabrics, too!

The Pain Point

Shepard Dog Sofa | Luxury Dog Sofas

The main worry about pets and sofas is that, should the puppy or the kitten get up onto the seat, all havoc will break loose; teeth marks everywhere, scratches and scuffs… even the odd bathroom accident or two!

It’s understandable that pet owners will worry about their brand-new sofa being completely ruined but choosing the right fabric in the first place is key to a happy harmony between the sofa and fluffy friends.

Dog-Friendly Materials: Leather

Strangely enough, the first material which we’re going to mention is one which many dog owners would actively avoid if they have a dog. However, leather is probably the easiest material to manage when a dog rules the house.

Labrador Dog Sofa | Luxury Dog Sofa

Not only does it wipe clean easily – perfect for those pooches who love to dribble in their sleep or moult all over the place– but it also ages well with wear and tear so, if anything, your dog is helping to make your leather sofa look cool and worn. However, if you’re not too keen on the help, you can always buy them their own dog sofas for them to kick back and relax on while you get free-reign of the full-size sofa!

Dog-Friendly Materials: Synthetic Fibre

If leather’s not your thing, you could opt for more synthetic options such as microfiber might be a better fit.

With durability which can withstand even the sharpest claws without pulling any threads, this material is perfect for a dog-friendly home. Sometimes called micro-suede, it’s easy to clean, very low maintenances and ages well throughout use.

sad looking dog laid down on the sofa

If you’re looking for a sofa which gives absolute instant comfort – don’t forget, leather can be quite cold – a synthetic fibre material is more than adequate to deal with your pooch.

However, due to the synthetic nature of the material, you’ve probably already guessed the downside to this material – static. Unlike leather, dog hair tends to cling tightly to synthetic materials, meaning you’ll have an obvious indicator of a sofa-loving dog, which will require cleaning with a lint roller or vacuum every so often – the longer and darker the hair, the more frequent you’ll probably want to tackle it.

Do you want your furry best friend to live a life of luxury in your home? Of course, you do! Our range of long-lasting, durable dog sofas contains the perfect place to let your pooch rest their head while leaving the regular sofa for human use only! Interested in finding out more? Get in touch today!