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Create Your Dream Sofa with James and Rose

A quick 'how to' when it comes to your very own beautiful bespoke sofa.

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All our sofas are handmade by us in our little workshop in Preston, Lancashire. Every detail from the ground up is made on site, uniquely for each customer. From frames and finish everything is indivudal just for YOU.

We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your sofa is perfect.

1. Browse our Ranges

Find the perfect sofa and style for you.

Remember all our sofas are bespoke, can come to any size and in 1000's of fabrics and leathers.

2. Click the "Create Your Sofa" Button

On each range page their is an option to 'Create your Sofa'. Lets us know your sizing and dimensions, the kind of material you are looking for, and the details of the finish. We will then get you some FREE samples out in the post to look through and choose from and give you an estimate of pricing.

3. Your Samples Will Arrive in the Post

Once your samples arrive, take a look through and see what catches your eye. If they aren't quite right let us know, we will happily send a few more if needs be. Should you like you can arrange a visit to come see us.

4. Everything Comes Togther

Get in touch and give us a call. We can go over all the final pieces of your sofa and make sure it's perfect for you. Place an order with ourselves and in 6 weeks time your beautiful new bespoke sofa will be delivered.

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