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What Makes a Sofa Bed Comfortable?

Save yourself time and money when searching for the best sofa bed by knowing how often your sofa will be used and how your living room will adapt. The best sofa bed for everyday use will combine the qualities of a good sofa and a good bed to give you the ultimate comfort.

And don’t forget to accessorise your sofa bed – it is, after all, a focus point in any room. This means sheets, duvets, pillows, throws…have fun picking your bedding!

A Bespoke Sofa Bed

Testing a sofa bed is always a good idea, to know how the mattress feels and if you find the sofa comfortable. Making sure that the sofa bed fits in your room perfectly is also very important, especially when it’s open. Bespoke sofa beds are made exclusively for you and your needs, and they’re always a sure way of fitting furniture in smaller rooms.

The Zara Sofa | Sofa Bed

Our suggestion: The Zara sofa bed

First and foremost, to have a comfortable sofa bed you’ll need to have a good sofa too. A three-seater sofa is a preferred choice if you want a sofa bed for two people to sleep on comfortably.

Contemporary and elegant, the Zara sofa has modern-styled arms and comfy seats that are perfect for your friends and family to relax in. As a focal point in a room, its metallic legs are sure to catch not only the sunlight but also attention and become a great conversation starter. This sofa is an ideal choice for any modern or minimalist home.

Comfortable Sleep

A quality mattress isn’t all you need to have a comfortable sleep on a sofa bed. Choose good sheets with a high thread count, like Egyptian cotton, for increased comfort levels. Linen is also a great choice due to its thermo-insulation qualities, helping you to keep cool in summer and toasty warm in winter. An extra benefit of linen is that, the more you wash it, the softer it will get.

Have you ever heard about how mattresses should be flipped regularly? When you sleep, the repeated pressure from your sleeping positions can make your mattress have a few lumps and bumps. And the same can happen with your sofa bed’s mattress! Flipping your sofa bed mattress approximately four times a year can help to prevent those pesky bumps.

Welcome Your Guests

Flowers and Wine at Hotel | Sofa Bed

Give your guests a great experience when staying over at your house by making them feel welcome. You can give them a welcome gift with mini toiletry sets, towels, and even some chocolates on the pillows. And don’t forget cushions! There can never be too cushions or pillows, and by providing enough you’re sure that your guests can use as many or as few as they’re used to.

Add a throw (or two!) and really highlight the comfort of your sofa bed. Your guests will want to keep coming back – it’s always good to feel wanted and comfy, after all.

Good sofa beds are important for all visitors to have a good night’s sleep, something that here at James and Rose we’re well aware of. Our handcrafted furniture comes in a wide variety of fabrics, colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Simply get in touch to let us know your requirements!