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How to Incorporate a Modern Victorian Style in Your Living Room

Achieving the interior design of your dreams is an easier task than you may think, particularly when it comes to your living room.

Having all the classic Victorian touches with a dash of contemporary, Modern Victorian gives you an easy and simple way of adapting your modern home to suit your Victorian aesthetic.

Adding a touch of luxury with colours, fabrics, bespoke sofas, and accessories can make a big difference in how you display your Modern Victorian design.

Bold Colours and Patterns

Victorian Living Room | Chesterfield Sofas

In Victorian times, homes used to have deep and bold colours such as burgundy, yellow, dark blue, dark green, and maroon shades. Not sure about a brown living room? Don’t worry! Dark blue will still give you a Victorian look with that modern twist you want while making it easy to combine with modern fixtures.

Going for strong colours on your walls may seem daunting, so you can complement rich blues with cream tones such as off-white. But you don’t have to just add different shades of colours – floral patterns, elaborate designs, or geometric shapes can add a fun feel for a modern twist.

Dress Your Windows to Impress

Wide Window with Curtains |  Chesterfield Sofas

Long curtains arean absolute must-have for a Modern Victorian living room. Silk is a great choice to keep your windows with a soft look while protecting your living room from drafts and sunlight.

Add a soft, silk first layer of curtains in a cream colour, which still lets sunlight in without overpowering your senses. A second layer of curtains in velvet in a deep colour of your choice offsets against the lighter backdrop.

Add a Handmade Sofa

Selection of Elizabeth Sofas | Chesterfield Sofas

As the heart of the home, what living room is complete without a good sofa? Chesterfield sofas are a classic in British history and always the go-to choice for Modern Victorian design. Classic and comfortable, The Elizabeth has the perfect balance of traditional Chesterfield sofa design and modern comfort needs.

And making sure that any sofa you want fits exactly where you want it and with the Modern Victorian style is extremely easy. Our range of Chesterfield bespoke sofas come in varied styles, sizes, shapes, materials, and colours so that you can have every detail as perfect as possible.

Accessorise with Little or Big Details

Assortment of Mirrors | Chesterfield Sofas

Accessorising can really be one of the most fun parts of home decorating, and it’s just as important with a Modern Victorian style. While finding the sweet spot of not too many but not too little accessories can be tricky, ultimately your living room needs to feel like home to you!

Mirrors help to reflect natural light and can be beautifully decorative, rugs add a luxurious feel, and ornate paintings can be focus pieces for a great conversation starters. Fresh flowers are a nice touch of romance and can be paired with floral patterns in curtains or cushions. Floral accessories instantly give any room a pop of colour and life, and they’ll always look lovely.

Let There Be Modern Lighting

Close-up of Chandelier | Chesterfield Sofas

There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of great lighting, which not only flatters your living room but also provides a cosy nook for reading. Add a mix of floor lamps, overhead lighting and even table lamps; you’ll have more depth in your room and more control over how much light you have.

And why not add an accent light over a focus piece? A beautiful, big painting or an intricate bust to keep with the Victorian style are great accessories. Having a light focusing on them can transform any corner of your living room.

If you’re looking for fantastic sofa choices to decorate your Modern Victorian living room, why not give us a call today? We take pride in our bespoke furniture selection, making sure that your home feels as cosy and comfortable as possible.