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Decorating Your Living Room Around a Grey Sofa

Timeless and practical, the colour grey is an amazingly balanced and neutral colour that allows you to easily accent your living room and sofa with pops of brighter shades. With sofas being a central piece, you may want a more neutral colour, so you can create contrast with decoration.

A grey, bespoke sofa always blends in nicely with your surrounding design, which makes it important to finding colours and decoration pieces to stand out. And you know it will look flawless in your living room, measured exactly for your space.

Have a Feature Wall

Books on Shelf | Bespoke Sofas

A feature wall in a darker colour, such as a darker shade of grey, gives contrast and depth to your space. From your feature wall, rugs and upholstery in a lighter shade than your feature wall help to complete the look and open the way for the great pops of colour to come.

Add wall art and a bookshelf for decorations – this will make it easier for you to embellish your room in a theme of your choice. Whether you’re going topical, modern, travel-based, or choose a completely different theme, it’ll be easy to incorporate every detail.

Go with Contrasting Colours

Coloured Cushions on Sofa | Bespoke Sofas

A simple but calming colour combination is turquoise and grey. The tranquil feeling can be highlighted through adding a table made of natural wood. Decoration items made of wood and a beautiful bookcase will complete the look and make sure your living room doesn’t look too cold.

Yellow helps to brighten up your room and your sofa, so why not add some fizz by decorating with this colour? Whether you choose just a few key pieces, such as cushions and yellow-cover books, the pops of colour tie the room together. Add golden frames and a warm-toned coffee table to complete the look.

Grey, teal, and red combine perfectly together as well as being great by themselves and add more depth to your living room. In addition, these colours are easy ways of transforming your space with a more contemporary feel. Red helps to add a warm feeling to you room and you can introduce it through wall art and cushions.

Add Other Great Touches

Floor Lamps | Bespoke Sofas

Introduce light sources, with a particular focus on your sofa. Lighting is extremely important for your home – both sunlight and artificial light. You can place a floor lamp next to your sofa as a base layer and a table lamp on the other side of the sofa, which is ideal for reading.

Why not get a circular or oval coffee table as a twist in your living room? It’ll balance out any angular element in the room and perfectly pair with a square sofa. You can also place a lovely centerpiece or a decoration next to books and snacks. You always need snacks!

For the warmer days when it’s too warm to have cushions and throws on the sofa, a basket keeps your living room tidy and elegant. Go for a bamboo basket next to your sofa for a cosy and homey feel that is sure to make your family and friends feel welcome.

With sofas being a main piece of furniture in your home, it’s only natural that you’ll want to invest in high-quality solutions. Why not get in touch with our team on 01772 702855 to know more about our sofas? You can choose any colour, shape, or material that suits your style and interior design.