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Décor Tips for the Season: Summer

Interior design trends can play a big part in how you decorate your home, particularly when you consider how each season’s design trends can beautifully renovate your space. Whether you’re thinking about getting a handmade sofa for your living room or simply change up your colour scheme, here are a few tips for your interior décor this summer:

Velvet Furniture

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that adds a simple yet elegant look to any piece of furniture. This material is available in any colour you want, particularly in vibrant, darker shades. Velvet furniture gives your living space a soft look, beautifully paired with natural elements and rugged decorations.

Whether you’re looking for corner sofas or dining chairs, you’ll find that your room can easily adapt to either a sophisticated or a casual setting. Ideal for meals with family and friends!

Our Suggestion: The Regent Diner

Regent Diner Chair | Summer Décor

Indoor Plants and Natural Elements

Plants and Couch | Summer Décor

You can create your own paradise in your home by bringing the outdoors in, particularly if you live in a flat and don’t have a garden. Plants can add texture and colour to any room with their fresh and natural scents. And don’t forget to integrate them into your interior design through dark greens and patterns!

Summer is the perfect time for light curtains that let the sunshine in and make the rooms look much warmer and cosy. To make your rooms seem bigger and brighter, you can hang mirrors to reflect the sunlight and your windows. Introduce natural materials such as wicker for a more vintage outdoor design and pair it with a jute rug, rattan window shades, and woven throws.

Geometric Patterns

Living Room | Summer Décor

Geometrics were also big in 2017, however, they were mainly seen on rugs and cushions. 2018 is all about geometrics in wallpaper, wall art, and tiles. These patterns often suggest a sense of efficiency, structure, and order, with each shape having its own meaning.

Aesthetically pleasing, geometric designs have clean lines and repeatable patterns that provide a sense of calm in their predictability. You can introduce these designs in any colour and shape you love, complementing your home decorations and colours.

Gold and Indigo Blue

Indigo Living Room Wall | Summer Décor

With the rising popularity of metallic finishes and decorative items, it’s no surprise that this summer it’s gold’s turn. Providing a softer look than silver hues, gold gives your home an elegant yet decadent feel. You can choose to use gold in small details like lamp bases, chair legs, picture frames, or door handles.

Pastels are often in fashion, but it can be tiring to see your home so subdued. Indigo blue and other inky blues are the perfect choice to insert special and colourful touches into your decoration. Choose coloured glass jars, patterned cushions, or wall art in various shapes and styles for a beautiful, summer look.

Pops of Colour

Pops of Colour | Summer Décor

Bold colours help you to express your own individual style by transforming your living space. Choose a couple of main, bold colours so that your design stays “grounded”. Mix bright colours together with patterns and shapes to help layer the style.

Ice cream colours are also becoming popular, so why not transform your living space with your favourite ice cream’s colour scheme? Deep greens and dusky pinks pair off perfectly for this summer, with these muted shades both calming and appealing.

A good sofa is always a good investment for any home, regardless of the season. Get in touch with our friendly team to know more about our bespoke furniture!