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How to Arrange Your Room Layout

Whether from scratch or through redecorating, choosing a room layout that fits your lifestyle will make day-to-day life so much easier. Sometimes all that you need is to move your furniture about or add a couple of pieces here and there.

Adding something extra to the room, like a corner Chesterfield sofa can often make all the difference when you’re rethinking your room. Starting from zero might seem daunting but, when you consider made to measure sofas, it’s quite simple to fit furniture in your room.

Buying a Sofa

Woman at Desk | Room Layout

Perhaps the most important feature in a room, sofas are always a seemingly difficult choice to make. You can however, follow a few easy tips to choose the best sofa for your living room. If you know exactly where you want your sofa to go so that it fits within your focal point, then measuring for a bespoke sofa will give you the option you want.

Why not browse through our sofas for inspiration? You can choose between thousands of fabrics, guaranteeing that, no matter the specifications, you will always have the perfect sofa for your room.

Choose Your Room’s Focal Point

TV with Netflix  | Room Layout

Planning and thinking about your space is done much easier when you consider what you want as a focal point. It could be an amazing, 60” television in the living room or a cosy fireplace; these will be the areas where your family and friends are more likely to gather.

A coffee table is great between sofas, with a minimum of 18 inches between them so that foot traffic isn’t affected. And also, so you can easily reach your snacks and drinks when you’re watching your favourite shows!

Arranging Your Furniture

The Empire Corner Sofa | Room Layout

Between each sofa, leave around 30 inches of space for foot traffic – helpful when someone needs to walk past and avoid bumping into you and spill your drinks. Keep your furniture’s size in mind, too; having too much or too little space between furniture can easily throw off the whole feel of the room. If your space is wider, bigger furniture fits better.

Get comfortable chairs, bookcases, and beautiful storage cabinets to complement your décor. Centre a comfy and good quality rug in the middle of your main seating area, making sure that it extends past the sofas for a cohesive room.

Regardless of your personal interior design style, it’s quite easy and fun to arrange your rooms’ layouts. To make sure that you always have furniture to exactly fit your space, you can get in touch with us to know more about our bespoke options.