All of our sofas are bespoke, made to order, uniquely for you. This means they can be built with any space in mind. We can also adjust heights and depths of your sofas should you wish.  Below you will find some diagrams to assist you with measuring your space. This will help you to make the best use of the space you have available and guide you to getting the right sofa for you.

Standard Sofa

Measuring for a standard shaped sofa

Measure A to B
Check Depth and Height

Our standard sofa is quite simple; the dimension we require is usually the left to right dimension of your sofa. The majority of our models are set at certain sizes, but if you let us know we can always tell you the closest size.

Also make sure the depth of your sofa is correct. You can see the sofa depth on each page, but we can adjust that if needs be, either making it deeper or shallower depending on what you need. The height is also adjustable.

L-Shaped Sofa

Measuring for a L-shaped sofa

Measure A to B
Left-Hand Corner – Measure A to C
Right-Hand Corner – Measure B to C
Check Depth and Height

For a corner sofa we usually require two dimensions, how long across the back, and how long on the side. The side measurement includes the depth of the back piece, so the measurements we need are the total outside of the sofa.

Again, check the depth of your sofa, as well as the height against our standard dimensions.

U-Shaped Sofa

Measuring for a U-shaped sofa

Measure A to B
Measure A to C
Measure B to D
Check Depth and Height

For a U-Shape, you apply the same rules as the L-Shape, but you are measuring to add a piece on either side. Again the lengths of the sides includes the depth of the back section, so the outer most dimensions.

Check your depth and height to make sure they are correct.

One thing to keep in mind with an U-Shape is we would
suggest a back section of around 10ft. Anything smaller and the central gap which is left becomes very small.