British Upholstery is the best in the world… if we do say so ourselves.From frames to finish all of our sofas are lovingly crafted with pride and passion, by our dedicated team, in our small workshop in Preston, Lancashire.

You won’t find any imports here. All of our pieces from start to finish are made by-hand in our little workshop.

At James and Rose we are very much a ‘family’, literally in some cases. From upholsters who’ve been at the job for 30 years, to youngsters learning the trade, our attention to detail is second to none.

We aren’t a big national retailer, we havent got huge showrooms, so if your one of our customer you aren’t just another number. From start to finish we deal with each customer as an individual. From design to delivery, you will be in constant contact with our workshop as we create the sofa of your dreams.

Here at James and Rose all our sofas are bespoke, they are made to order and unique to you. This gives you full control and choice when it comes to your sofa. Size, style, colour, leather, fabric… everything is all chosen by you.

We hand build the frames from carefully selected beech timber. Beech is a very durable wood and is ideal for both shaped and straight frame sections due to it’s malleable qualities, Beech is also able to stand constant weight and high impact force. A well made beech frame is able to be recovered many times.

The fully sprung seat back and arms combined with the best quality high resilient upholstery foam offers fantastic comfort. A combination of traditional skills and the best available upholstery components combine to create a stunning piece of workmanship which will last a lifetime.

Once your a customer of James and Rose, your a customer for life. Our customer service is unprecedented, even years down the line if you have a problem with your James and Rose sofa give us a call and we’ll happily help you sort it out.

So if you want to begin creating your unquie James and Rose sofa, give us a call on 01772 702855 or Click Here to Email us.