About Us

Based in the heart of Lancashire

James and Rose specialise in hand building bespoke sofas and upholstery in the finest English traditions.

Lovingly crafted

All our pieces are lovingly crafted in our small workshop. Very much a family run business, we have a small team of dedicated individuals who put lots of pride and passion into everything they do.

Built by you

Every piece we create is handmade to your specifications, using only the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. So if you are looking for your perfect handmade sofa, you're in the right place.

Handmade to order

Every piece we create is handmade to order offering unprecedented levels of choice, ensuring our customers receive exactly what they desire. Here at James and Rose we don't mass produce, all our sofas are tailored to your requirments and specifications. Our bespoke sofas are available in hundreds of styles, leathers and fabrics.

Start to finish

From start to finish we deal with each customer as an individual. From design to delivery, you will be in constant contact with our workshop as we create the sofa of your dreams.

Ship with precision

We ship with precision and care to all locations, and have had many clients within the UK, Europe and internationally.

Built to last

Built to last a lifetime we never compromise on quality and craftmanship, with over 25 years of industry experience we guarantee the quality of our products is second to none.